We have an intensely broad and varied selection of hardware. We can satisfy your farm/industrial needs as well as your fine furniture hardware requests. Below are some of the categories we carry. Being an old time hardware store gives us an edge over the newer chain stores. We are not limited by what items exist on a computer system. We stock and special order products from hundreds of manufacturers and distributors. If it's made, we will get it for you!!!

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We have a complete line of fasteners from Grade # 2, # 5 & # 8. From 4-40 screws to 1" anchor bolts. We have hardened bolts, carriage bolts, lag bolts, plated & galvanized bolts, brass & stainless bolts, all corresponding nuts & washers, a growing selection of metric bolts, stove bolts, truss bolts, elevator/plow bolts, allen head bolts & screws, machine screws, wood screws, sheet metal screws, #6 x 3/4" - # 8 x 6" black or galv drywall screws, all in zinc plated, brass & stainless. Plus rosan fasteners & sex bolts. If you need fasteners to hold your project to a ceiling, wall or floor we have every product for the job! From drywall anchors in plastic & lead to toggle bolts & Remington power fasteners. To lag shields, power studs & tapcrete masonry screws, and also foundation anchor bolts. Plus, over 30 kinds of nails, including plain & galvanized spikes up to 3 /8" x 12"!!! If you need more info call or e-mail now.


We have an extensive amount of cabinet/furniture hardware in solid brass, black forged iron, chrome, nickel, antique nickel and porcelain for all of your cabinet and furniture needs (pulls, knobs, latches, hooks and hinges, latches, ball/roller catches, chest lid accessories). Plus drawer slides, hide-a-door slides, T.V. pull out and swivel trays, leg fasteners and table leg locks. If you have antique or reproduction English, French, Victorian or American furniture we have hardware to fit into your decor. From pulls and knobs to solid brass casters and furniture feet. From trunk hardware to icebox hardware. Bed bolts/covers and hangers. We have it all!!! Plus, we offer special ordering every day.


We have interior & exterior knobs, entry sets, rim locks, mortise locks & cylinders, panic bars, door closers, slide-bolts, dead bolts, Dutch door quadrants, hinges, cafe door hinges, pocket door locks & pulls, bi-fold, door viewers, mechanical turn doorbells, ball catches, foot bolts, cane bolts, chain bolts, flush bolts, black forged iron thumb latches, hasps, cremone bolts, kickplates, door grills, mail drops, numbers, letters, saddles (all sizes alum- brass) and metal grooved/brass weatherstripping. Plus much more by:

  • Acorn
  • Baldwin
  • Bommer
  • Emtek
  • Ives
  • Kwikset
  • Lawrence Brothers
  • Merit
  • National
  • Schlage
  • Selby
  • Stanley
  • Therma-Tru
  • Zero
  • and many more!


We have a full line of black forged iron hardware in spade, heart and bean designs that includes: cabinet knobs, pulls, hinges & latches; door thumb latches, H & HL hinges, strap hinges, dummy strap hinges & exterior entry sets in black, russet or verdigris by: Acorn Hand forged available on request


We have a complete selection of gutter hardware.


We have a large selection of window hardware. Sash pulleys, sash tapes, sash weights, sash locks, holders, lifts, hangers, transom catches, turn buttons, window operators/lifts, glass, plexi-glass, fly screening (bronze, fiberglass, alum). We can special order most older style window cranks for casement windows. We have lots of different shutter hardware for you: cast iron shutter hinges, Connecticut & New York style shutter hinges, hot dipped galvanized, black forged, screw and pintle, pintle and bracket. We also have shutter holdbacks in large and small S style or propeller style hardware by:

  • Acorn
  • Amerock
  • Baldwin
  • Ferum
  • Ives
  • National
  • Lawrence Brothers
  • Stanley
  • Wrightsville


We have a nice selection of garage door hardware from electric opener systems to oversized door openers, pulleys, springs, locks, handles etc. For our entry gate hardware we have electronic systems that work from any phone no matter where you are! Gate operators for wood or metal entry gates, remote control or manual.


We have a great supply of hardware for your barn or garage. Sliding "barn" door track & accessories up to 14 feet long, locking hangers, rolling hangers, guide rollers, large door pulls, 5/8" x 18"-24" black cane bolts, hasps, locks and locking door entrance handles. Large heavy duty T-strap hinges, screw & bolt strap hinges to fit any size door or entrance by:

  • Lawrence Brothers
  • National
  • Stanley


We have galvanized aircraft cable, wire rope w/fiber center, plastic coated cable, stainless steel cable, coated stainless steel cable, merchant wire, stones of wire, music wire, carded copper wire, carded steel wire, spools of wire & picture wire in many sizes. To go with our cable we have wire rope clamps (galv/zinc), thimbles, single & double barrel crimps (cop/alum), cable cutters and nico press crimpers.


Our turnbuckle selection is best described as awesome: 1/8" to 1" from 3" to 16" long galvanized or stainless, complete or body only. If its barns or large projects you want to pull together, call us. You can pull together large buildings w/ threaded rod & giant washers from our steel yard. If its eyebolts you need we have standard duty or heavy drop forged in 1/4", 5/16, 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" x 3", 4" 5", 6", 7", 8" long in zinc, galvanized or stainless steel. We have shoulder hardened steel eye bolts #21, #23, #24 by Chicago Hardware. We also have really big drop-forged eye bolts for barn and building repair 1/2" or 5/8" x 8", 10", 12", 16".


We have copper coated sash chain, brass chain, plastic chain, dog chain, jack chain zinc/brass, welded, ladder, zinc coated, galvanized, hardened, proof-coil, and HI- TEST. All of our chain comes in sizes from 1/8"- 5/8" sizes. To accommodate all that chain we have clevis grab hooks, cold shuts, clevis slip hooks, repair links, clevis pins, connecting links, double clevis links, quick links, slip hooks, shackles, grab hooks, swivels. We also have hitch pins in many sizes and styles for trailers plus we have wire and nylon slings.


We have block & tackle for your every need, for small systems on boats or poles to a little larger for your attic to even larger ones for barns and hay lofts or cranes. They come in metal or wood, single, double or triple pulley.


For all of your trucking or hauling needs we have chain binders, ratcheting tie down straps, come-alongs and power pullers.


We have many types of rope in stock: manila, nylon twisted, nylon braided triple strand and five strand, polypropylene, sisal, twine, mason twine, cotton clothesline, dotted sash cord, plastic clothesline, venetian blind cord, synthetic sash cord, misc packaged rope. If you want to hang your rope, use any of the following items in stock: rope cleats (brass/ zinc), rope hooks, clothesline fittings.


We can hang any type of picture or mirror on any wall in the house, just try us! From picture hangers, floreat hangers, large or small rolls of picture wire #4 or # 6, mirror hangers, moulding hooks, push pins all styles old & new! For anchors & fasteners, see above.


When it comes to hinges there are almost no limits, we have hinges from very small for jewelry/humidor cases to very large piano hinges. Cabinet hinges (chrome/brass/black); door hinges (3 X 3 to 6 X 6) mortise, non-mortise, ball bearing, spring loaded, loose pin, tight pin, in brass, black, chrome, satin chrome, zinc, galvanized, plain steel, weldable, decorative. For your more creative projects we have glass door hinges (brass/chrome), Soss hinges for cabinets to entry doors. Hinges for drop leaf tables and legs, offset hinges. Hinges with ball, urns, or button tips in extruded brass, chrome, black. Piano hinges (brass/chrome/steel/stainless) in all sizes and lengths. Plus European hinges in 35mm or 40mm, mortise jigs available.


We carry casters for fine furniture, for residential and office needs, and for heavy duty industrial applications. Plus we special order casters to meet your every need! We have handcarts for a variety of budgets.


We have all sizes of hasps, slide bolts, barrel bolts, mortise bolts, horse barn slide bolts, square bolts, button/ball or roller catches, magnetic or touch latches for all sizes of cabinets.


We have heavy duty 20 gauge steel free standing shelving for storage applications in sizes ranging from 12" X 36", 18" X 36", 24" X 36", 36" X 36". Other shelving options are standards & clips, standards & brackets, brackets only, and white coated ventilated wire closet shelving.


We have coasters, caster cups, felt pads, stainless steel glides, nylon pads, and nail on steel & nylon glides, rubber runner, stair treads, carpet runner and more for your floor protection needs.


We have a large selection of styles and sizes of foam, felt, and caulking to stop any draft as well as backer rod, cut in style weather strips & thresholds with built in rubber gaskets in brass or aluminum for any size door.


We have wood dowels in 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" X 36" long. We also carry wood plugs in button & flush styles. Plus dowel pin jigs, plug cutters and brad point bits.

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